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Software Developer

CYBION is looking for a Software Developer to be involved in R&D National and European projects.


1-3 years experience


University Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or similar

Technical Skills:

- Good knowledge of Java 2EE and paradigms of object-oriented programming
- Good knowledge of programming, managing and querying of databases, knowledge of DBMS Mysql
- Good knowledge of RESTFul Web Services
- Basic knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Ajax
- Basic knowledge of Text Mining and Information Extraction techniques or basic knowledge of Semantic Web (RDF, SPARQL, etc.) technologies
- Good communication skills, ability to work within a team

Language Skills:

Good written and spoken English


Occasional collaboration or short-term contract which may be followed by a permanent employment contract

Approximate Salary

Dependent on skills, knowledge and relevant experience


Rome, Italy

Send your CV to: cybion@cybion.it


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