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The Services / Social Insights

"Today social media are the place where consumers express their opinions and Brands confirm their personality"

The service is completely tailored on the clients’ needs and offers valuable information such as:
- Brand Visibility Timeline: to understand in detail a Brand online visibility trend, evaluate the Brand awareness and significant conversations volume changes in a specific context.

- Brand identity VS Brand image: to understand which aspects or actions of a Brand have been acknowledged, by whom and by which media; sentiment analysis, brand identity vs brand image evaluation, share of visibility by media.

- Brand engagement: to evaluate a Brand ability to arouse reactions, involve users, stimulate interaction.

The analysis can be referred to Brands, products, services as well as people and events and can be extended to analyse competitors, in order to compare your own performance with the competitors’.


- Evaluate Return of Image of your communication campaign
- Monitor your brand reputation
- Identify the topics on which to build your communication strategy
- Profile your target


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