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Research and Development Area

Since its creation Cybion participated and coordinated numerous international, EC and national projects with the purpose to disseminate the innovation culture, foster the Information Society growth, create and take part to networks of innovative companies. Below some of the most recent ones:

Research and development

LINKED2MEDIA –LINKED2MEDIA aims to tap into the vast user-generated content and interpret information posted on blogs, social networks and social media in Europe and beyond, ensuring that the European SMEs will have access to the globally available online, social media information needed to perform corporate brand reputation management and market sector repute analysis.

GRANATUM – The project aims to facilitate the social sharing and collective analysis of biomedical experts’ knowledge, opinions and experience, as well as the joint conceptualization and design of scalable chemoprevention models, towards the enablement of collaborative biomedical research activities beyond geographical barriers.

ELDER-SPACES - Elder-Spaces aims to develop and deliver a novel social networking platform, which will be customized to the needs and preferences of older adults. The project will develop a number of applications for building elderly communities, boosting social activation (including motivating face-to-face activities), intergeneration activities, as well as management and maintenance of social relationships and graphs.

COLLECTIVE - The project wants to solve the major constraints of SMEs innovation to:
- achieve successful, repeated organizational innovation,
- access to learning and knowledge processing,
- access to cognitive diversity
- have the possibility to be connected to foster collaborative projects.
An ICT operational platform called iCOMMUNITY will be the backbone of this innovation ecosystem and will let SMEs and SMEAGs to identify future emergent technological and economic trends/discontinuities by developing network-based approaches to early detect ‘weak signals’, to manage distributed intelligence and creativity in the process of new product development and to design new modular products in a collaborative way reducing the market risk since relevant inputs and feedback from customers and end users will be constantly ‘embedded’ in the design process.

INNOVALL – The project consists in the creation of a platform to extract information from IPR databases. The platform is addressed to companies aiming to pursue innovation processes or to monitor the technological state of the art and/or competitors. The project is based on TRIZ methodologies and information semantic analysis.

INNOVALL – The project consists in the creation of a platform to extract information from IPR databases. The platform is addressed to companies aiming to pursue innovation processes or to monitor the technological state of the art and/or competitors. The project is based on TRIZ methodologies and information semantic analysis.

Other international projects

SIP-Benchmark II – It is a 3 years benchmarking study of parental control and filtering tools for the online protection of children carried out by an International Consortium on behalf of the European Commission in the framework of the Safer Internet Programme. SIP-Benchmark II will focus on both effectiveness and usability of tools (software and services) for a safer use of the Internet and of the new online technologies: around 30 different filtering tools will be tested in a six-monthly benchmarking cycle. The results will be presented in a user-friendly and comprehensible way to ensure that parents will make use of them. Cybion is responsible for the assessment of the tools effectiveness whereas Stiftung Digitale Chancen is in charge of the usability test.

MAP-IT! – It is a Specific Support Action (SSA) under the Sixth Framework Programme in the IST field aiming to promote ICT research promotion between the EU and Mediterranean region. The project focuses on the following MED Partner Countries as part of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco,Palestinian Authority, Syria and Tunisia. The project objective is to promote those relevant MED Partner Country stakeholders, with a direct focus on industrial players (Small and Medium Enterprises, Industrial Associations) to European policy makers to improve research cooperation opportunities between the two regions. The project achieved the mapping of the ICT qualified stakeholders both from research and industry of the Mediterranean countries targeted by the project. To this purpose, the project main activities consisted in the dissemination of the 7 Framework Program funding opportunities during specific workshop and also in fostering the dialogue between the research and the industry players. Cybion serves as the project coordinator, manages the online survey, develops and maintains the website and the database for competences mapping, creates and distributes the project newsletter, participates in project events promoting MAP-IT! and FP7.

PRESS4TRANSPORT (Virtual Press Office to improve EU Sustainable Surface Transport research media visibility on a national and regional level) - The VPO assists EU, National and Regional funded projects to communicate their surface transport research results to the media. With a user-friendly innovative platform, PRESS4TRANSPORT serves both as a Virtual Press Office (VPO) f or project coordinators to promote their research results, relevant news or any noteworthy topic to be covered by the media and as a complementary tool to the Transport Knowledge Research Centre (TKRC). Cybion roles consist of the overall project coordination and of the customisation of the VPO platform.

PROINNO Europe - The purpose of the service contract “Promotion of PRO INNO Europe® Results” is to provide a horizontal support function to synthesize the results of the respective PRO INNO Europe® strands, and to communicate them in an efficient manner to innovation policy stakeholders. Cybion supports the dissemination of the PROINNO Europe project results to the targeted stakeholders via multichannel and multi format promotional material. Cybion is responsible for the design and implementation of both the paper and digital material.

KISPLATFORM - The objective of this project is to ensure the establishment of an integrated European Innovation Platform for Knowledge Intensive Services (KIS) and to facilitate the coordination of activities and dissemination of results of the 3 sectoral networks dedicated to offering pooled support services to high growth ventures active in KIS. Cybion is the partner responsible for the promotional material design and implementation: poster, brochure and other dissemination materials.

Biometrics Deployment Study (IPTS) - The study commissioned to Cybion has provided a status report on the present state of biometric deployment in Europe with a specific focus on large-scale public sector projects. Cybion is the main contractor of the study and has led the survey management, coordinated high-level expert panels and organised and spoke at final event which presented the project results. Foss Inventory - The study produced by Cybion aimed at promoting Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and building capacities for the FOSS development of information processing and education software tools. Cybion selected, analysed and tested around 300 FOSS solutions for education and science through E-partnerships.


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