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27 November 2013

Twitter Champions League popularity

Powered by Cybion, Twitterchampions tells you which is the most supported Champions League team on Twitter.

Twitter is the favourite social media for realtime event commentary. Supporters share opinions and comments on teams that directly impact on their popularity.

Twitterchampions provides the Pop Score of each team. The Pop Score is the value of popularity of a team on Twitter: how many fans discuss about the team. Pop Score is expression of the number of tweets that explicitly discuss about the team though mentions or hashtags.

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19 October 2013

What is the Social Footprint of your brand?

"When luxury intersects with the web, conflicts ensue. First, because the net makes pricing transparent, which inevitably makes some people feel stupid for paying full price (and stupidity doesn’t work with the other pillars of luxury). And second, because the new sorts of social proof have to do with how connected and respected you are, not how much you paid for that handbag." Talking about luxury goods an Internet, Seth Godin stresses the word transparency. Transparency is necessary for a brand to gain respect and credibility. Once, the elite concept was based on the difficulty both to access a good and information related to it. Now in the times of social web, your value, according Godin is based on how you are considered among your own social connections, and not anymore on financial matters.

Social Fashion Weekly: fashion shows become more democratic

7 October 2013

Social Fashion Weekly: fashion shows become more democratic

Fashion shows become more democratic thanks to social media and innovations like Google Glass, which join the family of mobile devices which integrates experiences in real world and their return on social media.

Real time information, filtered by influencers who can provide updates about the fashion shows as well as the backstages, innovative platforms like postano.com to bring the experience of fashion to a larger audience, fashion bloggers as meeting points between, designers, models, giornalists: That’s what happened between the fashion world and the social media world during the Social Fashion Week.

26 September 2013

Facebook in Real Time, we are on SkyTg24!

In un interesting artice for SkyTg24 (website of the Italian TV channel), Raffaele Mastrolonardi reports the comments of our CEO, Rina Angeletti, about the new tools just launched by Facebook to monitor in real time conversations: "Our impression is that Facebook tries to challenge Twitter on the second screen, in other words the real-time comments on the web about what is broadcasted on TV, even if , by nature, Twitter remains the best tool to express your feelings and thoughts in real-time."

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18 September 2013

Facebook and TV in Real time

Facebook has just launched two new APIs (Application programming interface) to monitor conversations and follow popularity of keywords, topics, news and trends in real-time. These APIs are not publically available. Only a few partners companies can access to them. Almost all of them belong to the edition and newsmaking sector: Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC’s Today Show, BSkyB, Slate e Mass Relevance.

18 September 2012

EU parliament event of the AAL JOINT PROGRAMME

The Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP) is organizing, in collaboration with the Member of the European Parliament, Heinze Becker, and the Member of the European Parliament Lambert Van Nistelroy an event entitled “2014-2020 Managing an aged society while promoting sustainable and smart businesses: The future strategy of the AAL Joint Programme.”

The event will take place at the European Parliament building, Brussels, on October 16 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.

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18 July 2012

Cybion Social Lab is online!

Cybion Social Lab is the new permanent observatory on social media by Cybion IT.

Let us know your opinion!

Follow us @ Cybion Social Lab

6 July 2012

Job Offer: Software Developer

New Job Offer at CYBION: the company is looking for a Software Developer to be involved in R&D National and European projects.

To apply click here

8 June 2012


Cybion.it is also on Twitter! Follow us at https://twitter.com/#!/CybionIT .

@CybionIT #StayTuned!

13 February 2012

"KNOW HOW" Online Event

Do you know how to run a start-up that makes money from the start? Do you know how co-creation can boost your business? Do you know how to attract 20.000 euros for your crazy idea? To answer these questions and to teach you how it’s done, the online platform How to Grow presents KNOW HOW: a full week (February 27 - March 02, 2012) of online streamed lectures and interactive sessions for businesses and professionals in the creative industries in Europe.

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