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Cybion team

Cybion is a team of 28 professionals from Italy and France with technical, economics and communication degrees. The company is formed by dynamic people matching their passion for the Internet and new technologies with technical development and project management expertise gained through years.



Cybion Italia co-founder and INNOVA SpA (Cybion Srl Holding) CEO. Law and Economics Degree (Università di Napoli), Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Business Policy and International Marketing at Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (I.E.S.E.), Barcelona (Spain). Innovation fundings, business strategies and international marketing expert, he is constantly working on R&D activities together with highly skilled European companies and Universities. Highly experienced on Technology Transfer activities, he promoted and supported with INNOVA, SMEs participation in R&D European projects.


Cybion France co-founder and BIOTICS International CEO. Former Head of Forecasting at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (1985-2002). Director of Research Applications at the Institut Pasteur (1975-1985), researcher and lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (1966-1972). He is the author of numerous works, including Symbiotic Man (Seuil 1995) and La Révolte du Pronétariat (Dunod 2005).


Cybion Italia co-founder and Cybion SA chairman. Economics Degree and Information Science Ph.D. at Paris X (Nanterre). In 1998 he published his "Intelligence Stratégique sur Internet” (Dunod, second edition 2000) establishing the first french Online Business Intelligence virtual community, Veille.com, followed by AgentLand.fr, one of the first platform about Intelligent agents and virtual creatures. Nowadays, Carlo Revelli is the creator and the chairman of the "AgoraVox" Foundation one of the leading European experience in active journalism.


Cybion Italia co-founder and CEO. She holds a Political Sciences Degree, with a specialization in International Law. Rina has a long standing experience in the management of research and development activities in the software and communication field for institutional customers both for National and European entities (European Commission, Unesco, etc). She has over 16 years experience in the management and participation of Innovation, RTD and Communication related projects on a European level. She is the creator and the responsible for the Fiscal and Legal Monitoring.

Our Team

Deborah DE BIASE

Business Development and Project Manager
Cybion Italia.Business Communication Master, specialized in web communication instruments, 10 years experience in information management (analysis, processing, consultancy). She has been managing Web and Image Monitoring projects and customer relations for 8 years. She is also responsible of IT Project communication activities and web marketing analysts and collaborates with the company management and the R&D area to the development of Cybion Business.


Director of the risk management
Cybion France. Graduated of the Managing institut –ISG- of Paris. 10 years of experience in web watching and information systems. He worked before with DATOPS as a Watching manager and joined Cybion in 2000. Clement is part of regular seminars at La Poste, Stratégie,(…).


IT supervisor
Cybion Italia. Ingénieur des Mines, multidisciplinary courses with a Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Specialization, he is in charge of Information Technology development and training activities for Cybion Italia since 1999. His major specialization consists in online information monitoring softwares, web technologies, information retrieval and filtering, and he works on the designing and creation of technological solutions supporting the Web and Image Monitoring area.


R&D Technologies Manager
Cybion Italia. Expert of Semantics systems, graduated in Computer Science Engineering at Roma Tre University with a thesis on Text Engineering. His further responsibilities and experiences include web monitoring platform, vertical search engines, chatbots, online BI tools development. Engineer with broad interests, really passionate for business and development processes. Supporter of open standards and open source and of agile methodologies.

Matteo MOCI

R&D Technologies Manager
Cybion Italia.

Chiara PACE

Web Monitoring area
Cybion Italia. Master in Oriental PR and specialization in Japanese Language. In-depth knowledge of National and European funding programmes for research and innovation. She effectively works on Web Monitoring services.


Senior consultant in charge of business studies
Cybion France. Reims Management School graduated (France), holding equally a Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence. He is responsible for the economic watch at CYBION since 1999. He is in charge of the watch part for all the services requiring an expertise in the fields of economics and marketing that our firm provides. He has also been conducting training sessions on WebWatching and other related topics.


Web and Image Monitoring area
Cybion Italia. Web expert, Internet trend observer and consumer-generated media (blog, forum, social network) watcher. He is specialized in sport and wellness, new communication media, automotive and e-business and responsible for the set-up of online watching software tools.


Lux business unit
Cybion France. Graduated with a master degree in project management (Lille) and marketing, she is the chief publisher of our web-magazine Orserie. She is a specialist of high-end products such as jewels and leather products and manage several studies on luxury goods. Her knowledges in virtual social etworks –facebook, myspace,…- is a high value contribution for lux and beauty brands which want to touch new customers.


Health business unit
Cybion France. Graduated from the Parisian University La Sorbonne, Laure is an early specialist of the web communauties. In the environment and health B.U., she develops our business in the health market. Laure is also chief publisher of the web health plateforme CareVox.


Office manager
Cybion France. Graduated from the Managing Superior Institut of Paris, IGS, Fanny manages all the financial operations. She joined Cybion in the early 1996. Fanny is also in charge of the training and the recruitment.


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