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Cybion services: an effective answer to the web informative and communicative challenges

Cybion realised services for businesses and public institutions. Here’s a list of the most recent and relevant experiences.



Creation of a trends’ observatory. Orserie Project 2007-2008 requested by the General Directorate.
The aim of this project was the creation of a VOX: a variegated audience about beauty and wellness aiming to anticipate trends and behaviours on and through the web.
The observatory enabled to gather thousands of internet users sharing their addiction to luxury, beauty and fashion. The project aroused great interest on the press and has been mentioned as one of the best 2007 internet issue (Les Echos). Cybion is still using the observatory to fulfill other services offered to Clarins.


Online reputation and image monitoring. Online information detection and communication concerning specific themes selected by the Client.
The aim of this service is to give the Client a continuous updating about:
- users’ opinions on products and brands;
- users’ opinions on many specific themes (trends, events) ;
- institutional initiatives and measures, sponsorships, products and brands, uses and habits detected on online formal and informal sources (online media, portals and specialized information websites).

The result of the project was a twice-monthly report which informed the Client with the users’ feedback, with a brief view on the institutional environment and with interesting ideas on trends and equivalent products chosen by consumers.(Client: Private)

Monthly internet users’ opinions analysis and monitoring concerning 3 specific products.
The answers’ analysis provided interesting suggestions to the Client company and has been collected into structured monthly reports with comments and graphs.(Client: Private)


Legal and Fiscal Monitoring.

Twice-monthly updating service concerning legal, fiscal and accounting news according to the Client’s interests (Client: Private).

Bids and Fundings Monitoring.

Twice-monthly updating service concerning Health field related call for tenders and research bids at national and international level. (Clients: private “IRRCS”)



Bids and Fundings Monitoring.
Call for tenders and fundings monitoring supporting environment innovation and research activities.


Tender Watch

- Realisation of a Web portal enriched with an automatic search and monitoring system of institutional web sites in the Defence sector. The monitoring system retrieves tenders of specific interest for the client. For this project Cybion has created an advanced system for capturing data on internet and filtering the content using pattern recognition technologies. The portal represents a system for consultation from the client in order to keep track its market and respond to the requests of offers at a global (world) level.

Bids and Fundings monitoring
Weekly updating service concerning client’s website sections containing funding bids, News, Events and EU programmes section updating. These sections are related to the EU/national projects area.



Creation of an informal web monitoring unit (user-generated content, blogs, forum, newsgroup) supporting the Communication Directorate. Goals: identification of information sources to be used by the business unit and implementation of a monitoring solution to notify interesting messages and content.
The service enabled to keep track in real time of social networks and forums reporting relevant information to interested recipients (the right information to the right recipients) so avoiding unnecessary information overloading and optimizing acquisition of knowledge processes.


Dangerous web sources identification to be used within a web pages filtering device for child protection requested by the Content Directorate.
The aim was the continuous alternative, racists and pornographic websites monitoring to realize their filtering on the AOL portal. The sources identification implied an in depth web and informal sources knowledge (forum, blog, social-network) to detect a lot of sources not so easy to track. The project’s result was the identification of more than 200 pornographic sources by month.

La Poste

Web monitoring concerning customers’ relations. The aim was the constant monitoring of customers’ relation “best practices” in North America and Europe. The study focused on sociological aspects such as consumer trends and man-customer relations, brand value, web reputation building and compliance mechanisms, relations channels, customers investment on new products development, competitors examples and testings.


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