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Monitoring the Web and Managing your Online Reputation

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Since 1995 Cybion supports companies and public institutions in web monitoring, analysis and online reputation management activities, combining innovative technology and analysis experience. Thanks to its web insights proprietary technologies, Cybion provides data and analysis to support the marketing and communication communication strategy from design to assessment.

Cybion Social Box: the new tool-box for Social Media analysis

Right now your Brand or your competitors are being discussed on the Web, whether specifically with reference to the products, services, promotional campaign or to any specific event.

All this is directly and immediately impacting on your reputation or your competitors’.

Monitor and analyse your brand reputation by asking for Cybion Social Box!

Cybion Social Box is the social media analytics suite based on innovative technologies.

Cybion merges the quantitative analysis with the analytical approach, going beyond the use of indexes. Friends, followers, subscribers, posts, tweets, mentions and hashtags quantities are contextualized, interpreted and assessed in order to provide you with added value and understandable information as: visibility, engagement, brand awareness, comparison between Brand Identity and Brand Image, brand and products/services perception, targeted community profiling and domain specific influencers selection for an effective communication.

We change the users’ conversations into data and profiled information to support you understanding and assessing your reputation.

To monitor what is being shared about your Brand or your competitors, to understand the impact of your marketing contents and promotional campaigns on the community, you can ask for Cybion Social Box:

Media Visibility Social Insights Influencers Discovery
A suite of analysis aimed at detecting the presence of Brands on the web and on blogs and quantifying their visibility through monitoring of content and information published about them. A service to detect the presence of Brands on Social Media, evaluate the identity building and define the image and reputation outlined by users, influencers, communities. A suite of services and tools designed to support planning an influence marketing strategy.


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